Sunday Frangi

Liberal candidate in the Brandon West Brandon race.

Sunday can be reached on social media,or at [email protected].

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Questionnaire Response

Sunday Frangi - Brandon West

1. Why did you decide to run in the Manitoba election?

All I can say is that, this country have given me so mauch to be thankful and that i have always wanted to give back to the community and like any other citizen of this province i am concern with the way the PC government is running the business beside my believe in the vision of the Liberal party, i have decided to run in this election.

2. Why should a voter consider electing you to represent them?

Voters should consider electing me because I believe I have the ability in helping finding and addressing the issues that PC MLA in Brandon West have failed to address. Issues of affordable housing, affordable health care and quality education out of so many important issues…. I am the guy.

3. What key issue(s) / topic(s) will you stand for in your role as MLA, and why are these important to you?

During my campaign and door knocking I have met and listened to so many low income families, housing has become a big problem in Brandon West that Manitoba housing is No doing it’s best in providing safe and affordable homes. Health care; PC government have put a lot of stress on health care worker, work load for nurses and doctors is unbelievalble. If elected as the MLA i will work hard to address those those issues.

4. Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

All i am asking is for the community of Brandon West to vote strategically, vote for change because this is a time to get back the services that were taken from you and also get services that the PC government have failed  to address.

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Sunday Frangi sworn in as Brandon’s first Black councillor

May 24, 2021

Winnipeg Free Press - Sunday Frangi comes from a family of politicians. A life in politics makes this newcomer feel right at home. Sunday Frangi comes from a family of politicians. A life in politics makes this newcomer feel right at home. Last week, years of jumping hurdles and hard work resulted in a historic win. Frangi was...

Sunday Frangi wins Brandon byelection, believed to be 1st Black councillor in Manitoba city’s history

May 6, 2021

CBC Manitoba -'s history, Brandon has elected a Black city councillor. Unofficial results from Wednesday's byelection in Ward 5 (Meadows-Waverly) show Sunday Frangi as the winner of the council seat, with 50 votes to Gordon McRae's 42, according to a news release from the City of Brandon. According to city...

NDP sweep in northern Manitoba, while rural south stays blue, CBC projects

September 10, 2019

CBC Manitoba - ...candidates will take them all. Tory incumbent Reg Helwer in Brandon West defeated Nick Brown of the NDP, Robert Brown of the Greens and Liberal Sunday Frangi. CBC projected a close race in Brandon East. The NDP held the seat prior to 2016, and have recruited a popular city councillor, Lonnie Patterson....

PCs take all 3 Brandon seats

September 10, 2019

CBC Manitoba - ...who ran for the Liberals. Nick Brown, who spent four years as the students' union president at Brandon University, ran for the NDP this year, while Sunday Frangi carried the Liberal banner. The riding has flipped several times between PC and NDP representation since it was created in 1969. The riding's...

Liberal candidate draws fire for remark on MMIWG inquiry

September 4, 2019

Winnipeg Free Press - also addressed a March 28, 2018, post by Twitter user @FrangiSunday, in which the user — who appeared to be Liberal Brandon West candidate Sunday Frangi — retweeted a link to a story about the Pope’s decision not to issue an apology to residential school survivors. The user wrote: "Apologize for...

Wheat City choices: Three seats up for grabs, Brandon East battle is one to watch

August 29, 2019

CTV - ...on the ballot than they did three years ago. Incumbent PC candidate Reg Helwer won the seat in 2011 and 2016. Nick Brown is running for the NDP, Sunday Frangi under the Liberal banner. Unlike the last election, there is a Green Party candidate in the constituency, Robert Brown. CTV News spoke with voters...