Kelly Legaspi

NDP candidate in the Agassiz Southern Manitoba race.

Kelly can be reached at [email protected].

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Questionnaire Response

Kelly Legaspi - Agassiz

1. Why did you decide to run in the Manitoba election?

This is an exciting but at the same time a challenging time for our community. It is exciting because it is the time and opportunity for a real change. Change that will ensure that the needs of our Province in general and our community in particular are addressed. This is an opportunity for a change in leadership and a change in direction. What people are telling me is that this is not the time for games at the Legislature, but it is the time for action.

I am a community advocate, a mother, a nurse, a champion of our youth. This is the type of person who should be speaking and representing the community and this is why I put my name forward.

This election is about health care and Brian Pallister’s plan to cut millions more from the health care system Agassiz families depend on. The NDP is offering a different plan—to fix the damage Pallister’s caused and invest in services like physiotherapy and home care that allow families to stay healthy at home.  As a nurse, I want to be part of those solutions.


2. Why should a voter consider electing you to represent them?

My experiences and passion. 2 words that often describes a nurse; caring and service. I care for the community, I am committed to serve the community.

My experience working in the health care system and running a small business has given me the tools I need to represent families and find solutions that will help our community. As a nurse, I take pride in providing the care and expertise that helps heal patients. I plan to use that same approach as the MLA for Agassiz.

3. What key issue(s) / topic(s) will you stand for in your role as MLA, and why are these important to you?

Manitobans are facing the big issue with our health care as Brian Pallister has chosen to cut millions from health care all across Manitoba. From closing EMS stations, to cancelling personal care home projects to cutting rural doctor recruitment programs, Mr. Pallister has made choices that make it harder in rural Manitoba.

I will advocate for better health services in the rural areas. Patients being treated closer to their homes and their families, instead of sending them to the city which is more expensive to sustain.

The NDP have a plan to hire more nurses, invest in home care and build more care homes for seniors that will help strengthen health care in rural Manitoba. We know it is needed and the time for investment is now.

As a nurse and Home Care coordinator, I can speak confidently on the issues that matter to health care workers and patients, I work with different organizations that provide support and social services to seniors, our youth, the sick, the homeless, newcomers, and the working class.  I know the importance of a strong, accessible and properly staffed health care system.

It is important to have an advocate who has these real experience in the Legislature.

4. Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

Brian Pallister’s only in it for those at the top. His health care cuts have hurt patients and nurses. His cuts to infrastructure has meant thousands of lost jobs throughout the province and millions in lost revenue for our communities. After he finishes his attack on our health care system he’ll make the same cuts to education—meaning more kids packed in the classroom, less money for nutrition programs and transportation, and fewer teachers and EAs. His plan to privatize Manitoba Hydro and MPI have meant higher bills for regular families and big handouts to wealthy executives.

Only the NDP can form a government that is there for all of us, not just those at the top.

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